Lully’s Food Experience Offering Free Footlong Hot Dogs for Life to Kidney Donors

Skully White is the owner of Lully’s Food Experience, a highly-rated gourmet hot dog stand in Abbotsford, B.C. whose life changed earlier this week when he became a kidney donor. The organ recipient was Tim Hiscock, a years-long Lully’s regular suffering from advanced kidney failure as a complication of his diabetes. Hiscock had been on the transplant list for a year, and his wife Cindy had even gone to the trouble of reaching out to Skully, advising him not to feed Tim without her permission because of these medical issues.

Prior to that call, Skully had no idea about Tim’s health status, but immediately made his decision; he would go and get his blood checked to determine if he could be a viable organ donor match. When the results came back it clinched his resolve, and White quickly headed off to Vancouver General Hospital for the procedure. He was discharged less than two days later on Wednesday the 16th, and Hiscock soon followed with his new working kidney.

The event proved to be life-changing, in part due to White’s quick recovery from the transplant. The two men shared an emotional conversation in the hospital, with Hiscock grateful for his newfound healthy and happy life with no further dialysis treatment needed.

And so, Skully decided to one-up himself. A Facebook post revealed a new and generous plan for Lully’s Food Experience, where any locals who opt to become a live kidney donor can now enjoy free footlong hotdogs for life from the stand. Skully expands on the sentiment in speaking with The Vancouver Sun: “It shouldn’t scare anyone…You have two kidneys and by the time you die, you won’t even have used half of one…” He goes on to describe the pain and difficulty Hiscock went through for an entire year while waiting on the transplant list. “Now he’ll be able to live.”

One good turn deserves another, and Hiscock’s wife Cindy decided to set up a GoFundMe campaign for Skully as he awaits his complete recovery from the organ donation surgery. The campaign has raised over $25,000 at time of his writing, but Skully will hopefully be back to running Lully’s soon and changing Abbotsford, one kidney and hot dog at a time.

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