Maryland Waitresses Receive Astonishing Tip By Regular Customer

Random acts of holiday kindness prevail, with two lucky and grateful waitresses in Annapolis, MD the happy recipients of a show-stopping tip. While the donor has yet to be named – though she reportedly is a regular customer at the restaurant – their contribution will forever be remembered: a whopping $2020, 2 weeks before Christmas.

It happened at Evelyn’s, a restaurant in Maryland’s capital of Annapolis. Speaking with WBAL11, owner Brandon Stalker commented on the tip of a lifetime: “I think she has a…good sense of humor writing ‘2020’ as well. It’s probably the only positive 2020 we will have this entire year.”

Waitresses Lauren Jewel and Jennifer Zoller received the tip last Saturday, initially convinced that it was a handwriting error on the receipt. They confirmed the amount but were not even able to thank the generous customer in person, as she quickly made her exit.

Evelyn’s is a beloved local eatery in Annapolis and Jewel and Zoller enjoy waiting on their customers, though there is obviously increased stress as of late. That’s following Anne Arundel County Executive Steuart Pittman’s announcement last Friday of increased incoming restrictions to reduce the spread of COVID-19 cases, following record-high case numbers in the area. One of those restrictions includes a complete shutdown of indoor and outdoor dining for a month, which begins today.

The fact that the remarkable $2020 tip came the day after these restrictions were announced seems like no accident. For Evelyn’s in Annapolis, this random act of kindness is an early holiday gift that could not have come at a better time. 

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