More Than 2,500 Sea Turtles Saved by Sea Turtle, Inc. and Their Texan Community

Off the southern coast of Texas lies South Padre Island, a resort town of less than 3,000 people and about as many sea turtles. The record low temperatures during a history-making winter storm in Texas led some of those sea turtles into peril, but local volunteers worked hard to ensure that they were taken somewhere safe: Sea Turtle, Inc., a rehab center for turtles located on the island

Sea turtles are cold-blooded animals, lacking a method to regulate their body temperatures in extreme cold. Fearing for their safety, Sea Turtle, Inc. put the call out on the 14th, as several sea turtles had been brought to their facility in response to the cold. These turtles were in a “cold stun” state, which can lead to hypothermia and death if untreated. The center advised anyone who happened upon a lethargic floating turtle to contact them for care and to bring them over to the center.

The surrounding Texas community jumped at the opportunity and, by the next day, Sea Turtle, Inc. had received more than 500 cold stunned sea turtles. Sadly, the rehab center’s power had gone out, leading them to post another plea on Facebook, this time for any form of power generator to keep their heating resources alive. 

In the meantime, the rescued turtles were being placed in kiddie pools and sectioned out – one near-200-year-old, 400-pound sea turtle required his own private pool – but the center was still in need of adequate electricity to care for them. On the 17th, SpaceX stepped in, bringing over a high-capacity generator to assist Sea Turtle, Inc. with their lack of power and keeping those turtles warm.

For continued updates on the turtles at Sea Turtle, Inc., check out their Facebook page, and you can find out how to support the center directly on their website.

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