Mother and Daughter Give Birth to Sisters, Born Seven Weeks Apart

There are more means to motherhood than one might think. Consider the Pierces, a couple in Minnesota who had tried everything they could to start a biological family over the past three years. Kelsi and Kyle reportedly depleted their savings account, trying surgeries and in-vitro fertilization to no avail. Doctors told the hopeful mother that she had a low ovarian reserve, and repeat medical visits could not seemingly contend with Kelsi’s body; even after a successful round of IVF, it seemed that the lining of her uterus was too thin to carry a pregnancy.

Their story takes a turn at this point when Kelsi’s biological mother Rutherford began looking into how to serve as a gestational carrier. She had read an article previously about a mother close to 60 years old who successfully carried her own daughter’s baby. Rutherford pursued this track, despite being 53 years old herself, and was approved in early 2020 to carry her daughter and son-in-law’s baby. On February 15th, she was confirmed pregnant after an embryo transfer the week before.

Not only was Rutherford successful in delivering her own granddaughter, but Kelsi herself got surprising news in March: she was pregnant, even though she had stopped pursuing costly fertility treatments by then. That’s right, within February and March, the Pierces became the hopeful parents of two children.

It’s a remarkable stroke of luck and a wild series of events, resulting in babies Ava and Everly being delivered within eight weeks of each other. The pair are a fascinating and special baby sisters, who will certainly have a unique story to tell others when they get older.

Cover photo: Kelsi Pierce, right, poses with her newborn daughters Ava and Everly and her mom, Lisa Rutherford.

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