New Study Touts the Benefits of Sleeping With Your Dog in the Same Bed

It’s one of those studies that may not surprise many dog owners, but might inspire those who’ve established their mattress as a no-doggo-zone to shift gears. Christy Hoffman, PhD, and Associate professor of Animal Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation at Canisius College published a study exploring the impacts pets have on human sleep quality, and the general conclusion is: if you can, sleep with your dog beside you.

The study collected data from nearly 1,000 women across the US who owned cats, dogs, or both. Queried subjects described the quality of their sleep and whether their dogs were allowed to sleep in the bed or were closed off from the room. 55% of these women shared their bed with at least one dog, 57% with a human partner, and 31% with at least one cat.

Some benefits of slumbering with dogs included a higher reported rating of comfort and security, sleeping earlier, and waking up earlier than cat owners or those who did not own any pets. Researchers stated that the responsibilities of dog ownership may have a meaningful correlation with a more consistent sleep schedule, and dogs were apparently less disruptive during bedtime than cats (or human partners, for that matter).

Interestingly, another study conducted by Hoffman of Australian dog owners queried more than 1,000 people of varying age, determining that nearly 50% of them slept with their dogs in the same bed, and an additional 20% slept with their dog in the room. Although, as most would attest, there’s a high probability that they managed to sneak in there regularly.

If anyone complains about the dog joining the slumber party, just explain to them that you’re trying to get a better night’s sleep.

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