Newly Widowed Mother of 3 Sobs After Receiving Generous Gift From a Secret Santa

Patricia and her family are a great bundle of joy! She has three amazing, smart, heartwarming kids ages 13, 11 and 7.

A few months ago, Patricia started getting worried when her husband did not return home from work. She and her kids were waiting for him for dinner. She called his cell phone multiple times but he never answered. She had a feeling something was wrong and soon found out he had passed away in his shop due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Her husband was a very hardworking man who always went above and beyond to see his family happy. He was playful with his children and had an urge to help people whenever he could. Patricia has done an amazing job taking care of her kids with her husband gone. She bakes goods to sell to people in the community of Dubois and that’s the only income she gets.

When Patricia was recently going through the budget for the month, her kids were doing homework. Patricia mentioned they had money to pay all her bills except the power bill. Her son ran to his room to get a dollar and told her that his dollar was enough to pay the power bill and maybe also get WiFi. Secret Santa was touched by Patricia’s story and asked the East Idaho News elves to take her an early Christmas gift. She was overwhelmed by the surprise.

Watch the video in the player above.

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