Once Homeless, Student Living Her Best Life in College, with Help from the Community

Missouri student Nevaeh Scales has had a rough few years, but things are looking up. Hopefully, this next stage of her life is calmer and more secure, helped along by donations made to a GoFundMe campaign in her name along with some additional help from her enrolled college. This stability comes none too soon for a young woman who endured homelessness in high school prior to entering university, and Nevaeh can rest assured that she won’t have to kick off her next semester on Monday in dire straits. For her friends and support network, Nevaeh’s promised success became a group effort.

For many students, Christmas break is a time of relaxation, but Ms. Scales was more concerned about an unpaid dorm deposit and having a roof over her head before January classes began. The dedicated student had never reached out to others for help, but people in her community stepped up in support, ensuring that she would be safe and warm indoors. A GoFundMe for Nevaeh has now passed $9,000, which secured her dorm deposit and more; the young student even remarks, speaking to Fox2 News, that the original goal was $500.

But that’s not all. The president of Maryville University, where Ms. Scales is enrolled, reached out to professors in her major to locate a computer they could donate to assist in her studies. Nevaeh mentioned that she had some worries about her online courses with programs she would need to install to complete them, apps that were probably too powerful for her dusty old model. Now Nevaeh she can study in peace.

As students come back to the university for classes beginning on the 18th, Nevaeh can join them in earnest and on even footing. The cybersecurity major is now looking ahead and equipped for success – onward and upward!

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