Many people throughout the world contend with difficulties associated with limb difference, be it congenital or acquired. Approximately 2 million people in the US alone live with a limb difference, but modern tech company Open Bionics’ work in the prosthetics field has introduced a new form of dazzling encouragement via their delightfully designed prosthesis, The Hero Arm.

Learning about the UK company is a marvel – literally, with Disney properties, a formative partner in their gorgeous designs – and Open Bionics leverages tech and style to energize and inspire all people ages 8 and up with upper limb differences. Enter The Hero Arm, the “World’s most affordable multi-grip bionic arm, with multi-grip functionality and empowering aesthetics.” This prosthesis is the lightest such product on the market, with a lifting capacity of up to 17.64 lbs, space-grade motors, haptic feedback, and more, packed into a powerfully functional piece of technology.

Open Bionics Empowers Amputees with The Hero Arm Prosthetic
Open Bionics Empowers Amputees with The Hero Arm Prosthetic

As the photos clearly illustrate, it also just looks incredibly cool. Swappable covers for The Hero Arm incorporate beloved pop culture properties like Star Wars, Disney’s Frozen, Iron Man, and even video game franchises like Metal Gear Solid and Deus Ex. The latter two are especially notable, as Metal Gear Solid V’s main character Venom Snake has his own prosthetic arm, which was lost when shielding another character from an explosion. This arm is replicated in a recent photoshoot and video with 29-year-old gamer Daniel Melville, in a team-up with Open Bionics and Konami Games.

As for Deus Ex, the classic cyberpunk series has often incorporated themes of cybernetic body modifications for amputees, especially in its two most recent games. Open Bionics thus introduced a version of the main character Adam Jensen’s augmented arms lovingly recreated as an Open Bionics prosthesis in 2018. 

This is the utter definition of a win-win. These upper limb prosthetics help empower and encourage those living with limb differences in their daily tasks but also showcase their personality and pride for the things they love. It’s a powerful example of sensible technology and support for the differently-abled, with a vision that’s mustered support from celebs like Mark Hamill, change-minded venture capitalists, and charitable organizations alike.

While only presently active on a limited scale in private clinics in the UK during this phase of product development, Open Bionics is already seeking expansion into overseas markets, including the US.

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