Owner Reunited with Her Dog After An Entire Year Apart

If there’s ever a story about microchipping your furry loved ones, this is definitely it. That’s because lovely Nashville pupper Blue was microchipped, something which ultimately helped him reconnect with his owner after an entire year absent from the picture. Blue’s owner Linda reclaimed the pup gone astray from Metro Animal Care and Control last Thursday, and their reunion was no less than jubilant.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t a matter of Blue simply wandering off of his collar; the dog was apparently stolen while under the care of a caretaker last year. Linda boarded the dog while she was on a trip to California, then looked for him for months upon her return, but had no luck picking up the trail.

Luckily, a good Samaritan found and brought Blue to Metro Animal Care and Control, believing him to be a stray. How he ended up getting stolen or escaping his original captor is unknown, but he was safely delivered to the MACC shelter. According to MACC, he had not been vocal during his time there, but immediately rushed to his owner and sight and started “shrieking.”

Along with sharing the joyous news of Linda and Blue with FOX17, MACC is using this opportunity to encourage all pet owners to learn about this story to microchip and register their pets. It’s certainly possible that this happy ending may not have occurred had Blue not been chipped prior to being stolen.

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