It’s no secret that senior citizens have been hit especially hard during the coronavirus pandemic and its related state lockdowns. Providing shelter and comfort through this storm is national nonprofit organization Pets for the Elderly, a foundation that helps seniors adopt furry companions at little to no cost.

Pets for the Elderly works with participating shelters nationwide to connect seniors to dogs and cats, covering costs like adoption fees, pre-adoption vet bills, spaying, and neutering. The organization has been around since 1992, started by Avrum Katz, a successful entrepreneur who sold his business to kickstart the organization and help seniors with the magical benefits of animal companionship.

Running now for nearly three decades, Pets for the Elderly have facilitated close to 100,000 adoptions throughout the country, and there’s no more vital moment for this outreach than right now. Several stories have shed light on the individuals affected by their generosity, and there are plenty of health benefits for seniors who begin caring for pets, including lowered blood pressure and anxiety reduction.

Beyond that, pets provide an added incentive for isolated elderly folks staying in place. The executive director of Pets for the Elderly Susan Kurowski told Today back in October that, “Seniors take better care of themselves because somebody’s counting on them…They maintain a routine. They take their vitamins and their prescriptions on time because there’s someone relying on them, and that is so important.”

For those who’d like to donate to this marvelous foundation and read more stories about their inspiring work, please visit the Pets for the Elderly website and spread the word.

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