Rosy’s Cooking Fed the Local Queer Community for 15 Years, Now They’re Giving Back

Roselia “Rosy” Milagro Rosales Gil’s cooking kept LA’s buzzing queer nightlife going but, like many others, the pandemic hit her business hard. Her menu featured the requisite tacos and bacon-wrapped hot dogs that are endemic to LA late-night street cuisine in addition to Central American / Mexican food, but all of that has been put on hold as the coronavirus pandemic continues onward. Gil’s now seen rough times, and the undocumented single mother struggles to maintain her standing and care for her loved ones. 

After coming to the U.S. from Guatemala, Gil began working as a food vendor in Hollywood, but was continually harassed by the LAPD. According to a profile on LA Taco, “…someone told her she should sell outside of the local gay bar Faultline as nobody was selling there.” Gil was not familiar with the LGBT+ community, but set up her stand as advised, and has been a destination for hungry late-night queer bargoers ever since.

The vendor’s hard work and success in the street food scene kept her 26-year-old son in college back in Guatemala and provided food and medicine for her 82-year-old mother as well. She tried to continue her business by selling food over the phone during the pandemic, but this wasn’t enough to maintain her living. Then, to make matters worse, Gil’s van was broken into back in September, causing approximately $5,000 in damages and ravaging her savings.

Gil was clearly in dire straits. Luckily, that same community she fed has now turned to helping her out; upon hearing of Gil’s struggles, local DJs Victor Rodriguez and Jerren Ronald set up a GoFundMe, with a full goal of $30,000 to support Gil and her family through the remainder of the pandemic.

So far so good! At the time of this writing, Gil’s GoFundMe has already reached $16,560 in less than a week.

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