Snowy 65-Year-Old Clears Out 150 Cars for Hospital Employees

Meet Donald Hargray, who has plenty of kind gusto in his heart at 65 years of age. When he heard of the storm on its way to Quebec over the weekend, he grabbed his snow brush and made a plan: to clear out the cars owned by frontline medical workers at Saint-Jérôme hospital, bright and early before 7:00 am. Along with the help of Julie, his daughter, Hargray scouted out the cars that would need his attention, brushing out 150 cars’ worth of snow for over two hours while the employees finished their shifts inside.

Hargray wasn’t done, however. Upon returning home, he went about obtaining a snowblower and plotted a trip back to the Saint-Jérôme hospital parking lot in the afternoon. This time, he used the snowblower to help 30 more employees get their cars out of the snow, as it had fallen through the day since the morning. 

Donald Hargray
Donald Hargray

This good Samaritan intended to return once again, but decided to heed the active curfew in Quebec, and was exhausted by the day’s work. None of his actions were announced ahead of time and he shied away from publicity about it; speaking to La Presse, Hargray states that, “The reason I agreed to [talk to a reporter] is if it might give others ideas to do such a simple gesture…it doesn’t cost anything, it’s easy and it’s much appreciated.”

Hard to say that more than half a day’s worth of work should be considered “easy” for most 65-year-olds, but Hargray recognized the care being provided by these frontline medical employees. He also noticed that there were vehicles in the lot that hadn’t moved, meaning that some of them were by staff putting in double shifts at the hospital.

Someone was looking out for those workers, though, granting them a modest kindness upon finishing their shifts, a small but meaningful surprise at the end of a long day. If Donald Hargray can do it, anyone can.

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