Syrian Dental Student Raised by Father with Down Syndrome Has A Message for the World

This is a story about a family, as much as it is about the gentle and inspiring eloquence of the dental student at its center, Sadar Issa. Sadar is in his third year of dental school in Syria and has the distinction of being a child raised in part by a father with Down Syndrome, Jad Issa. This is the loving and extraordinary family who raised Sadar, who beams with pride when speaking of the powerful relationship with his loving father.

Part of Sadar’s message is one of tolerant welcome to those who seem different, or a “vulnerable person or a person who is dependent on the community.” He also expresses gratitude for the actions of his grandmother, who chose not to have an abortion despite being pregnant with a baby with Down Syndrome. If that had happened, Sadar would not be here to tell his story.

Syrian Dental Student Raised by Father with Down Syndrome Has A Message for the World

Jad works at a wheat mill, not far from the house where Sadar was born. He made sure to provide for his family throughout Sadar’s life and is incredibly proud of his son’s progress towards medical practice. On his Instagram, Sadar describes his father glowingly: “The king of my heart sits there confident, stronger, and wiser every day. For him, only the sky is the limit, despite being looked at as someone not worthy of accomplishing anything important, here he is today inspiring hundreds of thousands all around the globe with just being the man who he is.”

Anyone who needs a touch of inspiration and motivation should take the time to look at Sadar Issa’s Instagram, which reveals a family filled with love, hard work, and a straightforward relatable message of acceptance. We await and celebrate Sadar’s completed doctorate in dentistry along with his many social media followers all over the world.

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