The video may evoke feelings of extreme jealousy. Meet Tom and Shaun with Canopy Cat Rescue. Based out of the state of Washington, the two certified arborists rescue cats that get stranded in trees. Around 2009 is when we started CCR. We’re both still kind of astonished by how many cats get stuck in trees and how often we get called. It’s not uncommon for us to do 3-4 a day. Before getting up the tree, they learn about the cat.

Every situation is unique. They don’t really know how the cat is going to behave until they get up there.

They tell us a lot about their meows and their sort of body language up in the tree. Most cats are pretty happy to see us and we’ll pick them up as you normally would.

Some cats tend to go in the opposite direction. Some like this one are just fine with the life on trees. And then some do this. After Tom and Shaun get hold of the cats, they are placed in a net and lowered down. The duo does hundreds of rescues a year and encounters all kinds of circumstances.

One time I rescued a cat that was literally two feet from a raccoon in the tree. And the raccoon was just as dumbfounded that I was up in the trees.

Can you guess how much they charge for this awesome service? Hundreds? Thousands?

We do this for free. We operate on donations. They usually want to give something. It’s usually 75-100 bucks. Some folks don’t have any money on hand. But they might have like 20 chickens in their backyard and they’ll give us some eggs. It’s really about getting your cat down and it’s not about us trying to make a buck off your misfortune. I don’t know that it’s paying the bills completely, but we get paid in good vibes and hopefully, some karma down the road.

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