Meet Mischief, who’s about to completely reshape your views on ravens. Hatched to parents at the World Bird Sanctuary, he will turn 20 this year. Paige Davis, who worked as the Curator of Bird Training at the sanctuary, did extraordinary work educating the public about these amazing ravens that can mimic human speech.

While she gets to interact with all kinds of birds, Mischief holds a special place in her heart. Watch how he moves forward when he doesn’t want her to stop petting him.

And here watch his reaction to seeing her after a while. He’d even bring her gifts. Paige’s interactions with Mischief demonstrated how intelligent ravens are.

He washes everything he eats to soften his food and to get extra hydration. He even knows a thing or two about recycling. When Paige would take him outside and he was ready to go indoors, he’d communicate that to her by just flying to the crate. And then, of course, there’s Mischief’s mimicry of human speech.

Hard to believe but he can imitate a cough too. So next time your see a raven, remember what they are capable of, just like Mischief.

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