A grandpa-to-be burst into happy tears when his daughter revealed her pregnancy news to him on a personalized hat of his favorite football team. As Del Wallace, 52, sat in the steakhouse in Bevercreek, Ohio, he had no idea what was coming during his birthday celebrations. To keep the big surprise a secret, Del’s daughter, Ashley Schrader, 24, purchased a birthday present that would reveal her news but would be discreet enough that her father would not initially notice. Ashley presented a bag to Del across the table, which contained a cap tied to his favorite football team, the Ohio State University Buckeyes.

For around 15 seconds, Del admired his new gift, looking at the side and trying to pull off the tag – but he had missed one key detail. As Ashley informed her father that the hat was, in fact, personalized, he replied, “Is it?” and took a closer look. When Del looked at the right-hand side of the cap, he was met with a message: “#1 Grandpa.” The realization hit the 52-year-old almost immediately, as his eyes began to well up and his bottom lip quivered.

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