Two men are now safe thanks to a group of quick-thinking Sikhs who were hiking together in a provincial park in British Columbia last week. The surprising rescue actually saw the five men tying articles of cloth – primarily their dastārs, the recognizable turbans Sikhs wear to cover their uncut hair – together into a makeshift rope strong enough to pull the fallen hikers to stable ground.

NBC News describes the last-minute rescue, explaining how hiker Kuljinder Kinda was out on the trail with his friends in Golden Ears Provincial Park last Monday. Another passing group reportedly approached them and informed them on two men who had slipped and fallen from the trail and were now trapped in a pool right above the lower falls. Kinda and his group immediately decided to help.

As is the case with certain wilderness trails and reserves, no one in the group had any functioning cellphone service, making it impossible to contact emergency services. As a result, the five hikers opted to hike further and attempt to get to better cell service. Kinda explains to NBC News that, “…we walked for about 10 minutes to find help and then came up with the idea to tie our turbans together.”

They found the fallen hikers with their makeshift rope, which ended almost 33 feet in total length. They tossed it down to the hikers while bracing their end firmly, then explained to them how to use it to pull themselves up the slick rock surface. The entire rescue was caught on camera by Kinda himself and is viewable at NBC News’ website (as well as on various other social media platforms by now).

The rope worked like a charm and the two hikers managed to get back up safely. Kinda and his friends were commended for their actions, though The British Columbia Environment Ministry advised hikers to carefully heed any posted warnings and take greatest care when traveling through the park.

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