Davyon Johnson may only be 11 years old, but the pint-sized hero has already received the key to the city and the accolades of his community of Muskogee, Oklahoma. Johnson was present for two incredible opportunities in early December where his quick-thinking and selfless sensibilities came to the forefront, saving the lives of a fellow classmate and elderly resident of Muskogee. Speaking with FOX9 News, Johnson’s mother LaToya seemed completely unsurprised: “It didn’t shock me… Because he’s always willing to help.”

Johnson’s heroic day began seated in a sixth-grade classroom when a student came into the room, saying he was choking. “I spurred into action and I pressed on his stomach and it came out,” Johnson describes, further explaining that he knew to perform the Heimlich maneuver from episodes of Inside Edition, a long-running newsmagazine on CBS. The classmate was reportedly choking on a bottle cap.

While Davyon and his mother were driving home after school, he says that they spotted a burning house from their car. He rushed from the car after his mother stopped the vehicle and helped the elderly woman reach her nearby truck.

Aside from the key to the city, the young hero was also named as an honorary member of the police and sheriff’s departments, with his principal dubbing him a “dual hero.” As for Davyon, the accolades don’t seem to have spurred any inflated sense of self at all; the young man remarked, “It doesn’t make me feel no different.”

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