Hiker’s Trusty Dog Keeps Him Warm After Injury During a Mountain Journey

Our dogs always protect us, even when the outlook is grim. A hiker by the name of Grga Brkic was on a journey through the Velebit mountain range in Croatia with some friends and his trusty dog by his side, and would have all but perished were it not for the dedication of his beloved pet, a young eight-month-old Alaskan Malamute named North.

According to The Guardian, Brkic had fallen on the trail and found himself unable to move. Even worse, his companions were not able to reach where he had fallen. These two decided to alert for a rescue, but this did not solve Brkic’s immediate conundrum, having fallen in the freezing cold and now unable to move.

When first responders finally made their way to Brkic’s position, they would find North laying on top of him and keeping him warm. It was a distant journey to retrieve him, as he had injured himself approximately 1800 meters above sea level. It would result in a grueling 13-hour rescue mission, though rescuers were able to secure Brkic and bring him to safety.

An incredible photo shows Brkic on a sled with North still laying on top of him. While exact details of Brkic’s condition was not revealed, a Facebook Post states that the large protective pup remained uninjured. The Croatian Mountain Rescue Service described the dog’s selfless act as a lesson: “From this example, we can all learn about caring for each other.”

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