Do you often struggle with what to do with your life, and feel as if you don’t know what you’re good at? You might have found a life passion you want to fulfill. This passion drives you, but a little voice inside your head tells you that you aren’t good enough to succeed in your chosen endeavor. Or you might think that success only happens to lucky people and those with connections.

Nothing could be further from the truth! The writer Stephen King had so many rejections that he threw his last manuscript in the trashcan. Fortunately, his wife fished it out of the wastebasket and sent it to a publisher who took a chance on it. And good thing she did, because it became his first novel entitled Carrie. If he had quit when he wanted to, he wouldn’t have achieved the fame he enjoys today.

How to Find Your Life Passion

What’s your passion? Think about what makes you smile and what keeps you up at night. You’re impassioned about something, and it makes you feel alive when others talk about it. Maybe it’s a hobby or sport you’re involved in, or maybe it’s something that relates to a cause, faith, or the arts. You think about it often (and if your target audience is like most people, they probably think the same way you do). If you have a passion and there’s a market, you have a way to be successful.

Once you know your passion, you can’t keep it to yourself. Why do so many people silence their inner voice and cloak their passion? It comes from deep-seated fear–fear of the unknown, fear of being rejected, fear of not being good enough. But you are automatically a failure at living your dream unless you try.

Share Your Passion and Talent

If you want to be a writer, but don’t know how to start, just write. Write anything. Talk about your day or anything on your mind. Write about what makes you afraid, what makes you unique, and your greatest hopes. Don’t worry about grammar and spelling, at first, just write, write, write. By writing, you’ll overcome your fear and gain confidence. You can share your writing on a site like and even earn some money from it if you’re part of their partner program.

Keep writing daily and sharing it. Put everything you have into it and stick with the topic you’re passionate about. Over time, you’ll build an audience. Once you build an audience, more opportunities come along. How many writers got their start writing for free? More than you might imagine.

If you want to be a comedian, but you’re not that funny, then why not go out into the real world and try being humorous or saying witty things? Don’t just sit back and wait for something to happen, and assume that if you’re hilarious, someone will discover you. You won’t be discovered if you don’t put yourself out there. Make it happen. Get a Twitter account, share your humor and build up a following. Once you’ve built an audience, start a podcast. Build from there.

If you want to be an artist, get out your paint supplies and paint your vision. Who knows where it will take you? Post your paintings on social media and ask for feedback. Some of those whom you ask for feedback will become fans and then customers, and you’re on your way. You have to put yourself out there to hope for success in doing what you love.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Don’t be afraid to branch out and explore new things. Take a chance on something outside your comfort zone. A little change can go a long way toward breaking through self-imposed barriers, the ones that keep you from your dream. If you’re a writer, join a writing club. If you’re not ready to go to a writing club in person, join a writing group online, like a Facebook group.

It’s only by stepping outside your comfort zone you’ll move toward your goal. It’s going to take time. It might even take a few years, but if you stick with it, you can do it. Your passion is waiting for you. You just need to go out and be part of the world to find it and live your dream. Once you find it, bring it to life by sharing it with others.

Finding and living your passion in life takes courage. You’ll have doubts along the way, but keep moving forward. You don’t have to have everything figured out. The idea that you must be “perfect” holds too many people back from living their dreams. Perfection is a pipe dream. Aim for consistent action.

Here’s a quote to inspire you:

“Some of the steps you take may end up being detours or out-and-out mistakes. By staying focused on your vision, though, you’ll find even those steps useful in the creating process.”

– David Emerald Womeldorff

Enjoy the journey!

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