Do you know that many people never truly reach their fullest potential? One of the reasons for this is the ugly habit called excuses. Excuses are easy and convenient and come naturally to us. It is easy to point fingers and blame others or circumstances for our limitations. You could easily blame something or someone for why you did not lose weight or why you never started that business, or why you did not complete your to-do list for the day (this is a common one). Some people live in constant fear, and excuses are just a way to justify those fears. The truth is, if we ever hope to accomplish our goals and live out our dreams, we must stop making excuses and take responsibility for our lives. For every time you make excuses, there is someone out there who has taken steps towards achieving the same goal and has become successful.

Have you found yourself caught in this cycle of excuses?

Five Ways To Stop Making Excuses And Begin To Take Responsibility Of Your Life

While some excuses might appear harmless, the truth is that each and every excuse you make takes you further away from reaching your full potential. Here are 5 ways to change this behavior and take responsibility.

1. Set Realistic Goals

The first step to getting out of the life of excuses is to set realistic goals. Vague goals can make it difficult for you to act on them. You might look at those big goals as overwhelming. The secret is to break down the larger goals into small-sized goals.

Create a to-do list for each day and set out to achieve those small-sized goals. As you meet your goals, tick them off your list. This will give you a sense of achievement and help you build momentum. Celebrate the little wins and take bold steps towards achieving the bigger goals.

2. Avoid Comparing Yourself with Others

Take responsibility for your last bad decision, and then let it go. Don't blame others or make excuses for yourself. - Deepak Chopra

There will always be someone who seems better or at a higher level than you. Comparing yourself to others will make it hard to achieve your goals. You might find yourself focusing on what you haven’t achieved, or feeling like you aren’t as good as someone else. It’s important to remember that the only person you should compare yourself to is you! By doing so, you will be focusing on being your best self and of course, you’ll eventually get there. Avoid comparisons and focus on becoming a better version of yourself.

3. Build New Habits

A woman jogging and taking responsibility to get in better shape
A woman who has stopped making excuses and has taken responsibility for losing some weight

If you want to live a life free of excuses, you must deliberately build new habits. Own up to your failures and strive to make excuses a thing of the past. Begin to take action towards your dreams. If you fail, don’t be afraid to seek guidance and get back on your feet. Of course, building new habits isn’t easy, but you must make deliberate efforts until these new habits become a part of you. If you really want to live out your dreams, take responsibility, take action every day, and enjoy the process.

4. Stop Dwelling on Past Failures

Sometimes the past haunts us, and we find ourselves always looking back at it. We then try to justify those failures through excuses. Yes, it can be hard to stop making excuses and let go, but letting go of the past means we can finally lay hold of the present. Don’t live in the regrets of your past failures. Instead, learn from your past mistakes. Live in the present and take actions that will lead you to achieve your goals and dreams.

5. Stop the Blame Game – Take Responsibility

Learn to take responsibility for emotions, and to manage energies, always working within present resources. - Lillian Russell

Guess what? Some of the most successful people in the world had the most unfavorable conditions. Many of them came from backgrounds that were not comfortable. Others had a traumatic past – but these conditions didn’t define them. They saw it as a stepping stone instead of an obstacle. Stop blaming people or circumstances for why you haven’t pursued your dream. Don’t let other people determine your future. Instead of making excuses and blaming people, take responsibility for your life, empower yourself and take charge of your future.

There will be times when it is difficult not to make an excuse but with mindfulness and a commitment to taking personal responsibility you can change this behavior and in the process feel empowered. When confronting such a moment, trust the process. Be patient with yourself and keep pushing towards becoming a better version of yourself. You can do this!

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