We often wonder what it takes to succeed. Simply put, it starts with a thought.

Watching the Olympics, one can’t help but to admire the world class skills, dedication, and focus of the athletes who made it to the end game. We view them in awe and connect to their spirit, likely comparing ourselves in one way or another, or imagining what it would be like to stand on the podium receiving a medal. I used to say to myself, “There’s no way I could do that.” Now I hear people say that about what I do, bodybuilding. Wow! The language we tell ourselves and our belief system really can keep us in a box, living lies of the can’t do’s. We can tell ourselves the answer before we even explore the possibility. If there was an Olympics for lying to ourselves we would all champions…and that is super sad. This leads me back to reflecting on how many things in life have I avoided or not explored because I never tried. What if I did work really hard toward being one of the best in something, or believe that I can make millions of dollars doing what I love? If I keep giving myself reasons not to try, or become complacent, I will spend my life not knowing what I am capable of.

Thoughts become things.

I am not an Olympian, but I have experienced what it feels like to be a champion. I visualized becoming a bodybuilder since I was a young girl. I was star-struck and inspired by fit people on TV and read about bodybuilders in magazines, and just knew I wanted to be like “Them.” I had a slim chance of getting where I wanted to be, growing up in a small remote town, with no one to mentor me, or a legitimate gym to train in until I left home for the military at 18. By then I had gained interest in other things, my focus falling off my calling. It wasn’t until I turned 28 that I realized something was missing, and I felt I had something deep within me I needed to express. Then it happened…the answer appeared before me, I met a female bodybuilder training at my gym. I felt a spark of renewal and started training my heart out in the gym, and didn’t stop until I knew what it felt like to step on stage. I look at me now, going 13 years strong and it was all worth it. Because of my decision to remain dedicated, I was able to realize that I could do anything I set my mind to, and dreams can become real. I am now a professional bodybuilder, and have met many of my young adulthood heroes.

Here are some key points that I learned on my journey:

  • In order to succeed at anything, there first must be desire and knowing for what you want, because this allows the magic of manifestation to get to work.
  • Streamline your focus on your “want” and visualize yourself enjoying the end result (like winning a gold medal and capturing what it would feel like in that moment). Think about this as much as possible until it feels like a real, believable experience.
  • It is extremely important to take take steps each day (even small ones) that will help get you where you want to be. This keeps you motivated and you have evidence of moving forward. Humans are results-driven creatures, when we acknowledge forward movement it keeps the fire lit within us.

Let other stories inspire you.

There are many people around the world that have reached success with some pretty big odds stacked against them (if we are thinking from an average mind). We can relate to what is amazing to us based on what we would do in their shoes, or how we feel about ourselves. That is what I love about success stories, they wake us up a little. Look at where they started. Look at what they did. Holy cow…I wonder if I could do that too?

One movie that made me smile was “Eddie the Eagle,” the story about Britain’s first Olympic Ski Jumper since 1929. People thought Eddie Edwards was nothing but a dreamer, but he didn’t quit on his pursuit, even when odds were stacked against him…his age, skill level, financial support, or even support by his own father or country.

Now take the story of Jennifer Bricker, the beautiful girl born with no legs who became a gymnast because she desired to follow her inspiration, Dominique Moceanu. To her, handicap is a word that does not apply to her. She knew what she want, she went after it, and got more than she bargained for. I encourage you to check out the full story on this amazing, beautiful woman on her website. Go to http://jenbricker.com/.

There are many other success stories like these two. The end result doesn’t have to end in winning a medal, a trophy, or title. It’s about anything you want…prove yourself to yourself. Enjoy the ride getting there, the fact that you tried. Revel in the growing, learning, and other opportunities that arise from the path. Paying attention to the process does help shape the experience.

Here are six tips for how you can succeed:

Focus on something you want and go after it 100%. This can’t be half-hearted. You have to be able to enjoy the process, otherwise it will not feel as rewarding in the end.

Visualize the end result(s) | How to succeed

Believe in yourself – recreate yourself if you have to. Make yourself a superhero character in your own book. Your character can’t kick ass if you hold back his or her power.

Make a plan of action. Write a list of things that need to be done, and how you are going to do them. Find someone to help you do this if you get stuck. Then I recommend keeping your plan visible to remind yourself each day…if it’s outta sight, it’s outta mind.

Create a schedule. Know what you want to accomplish each day, and set aside time just to work on an aspect of your plan or program. In this way, you are building upon completion every day.

Practice daily. When you are accountable to yourself you always come out a winner. The longer you do something, the more it becomes part of your subconscious program. Mastery comes from practice.

Visualize the end result. When you see yourself in the moment victory, everything changes. You carry that moment with you everywhere you go when it is imprinted in your brain. Thoughts really become things when you put your energy into it.

Our ability to reach our human potential is unknown, but none of us will ever know in a lifetime what we are totally capable of. There are many common denominators to reach success, and a ton of advice out there. Just know possibilities are endless in the formula of life, you just have to get moving.

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