A couple in Iowa are giving new meaning and stakes to the phrase, “better late than never!” Both nearing 100 years old, Royce and Frankie King recently celebrated their 77-year-old marriage in style, with a beautiful private ceremony helped along by a few special heroes, complete with flowers, professional photographs, and a lovely wedding dress and veil for Frankie.

The event took place in their sunlit backyard, helped along by staff at St. Croix Hospice who provide care and assistance for the couple in their home. TODAY reported on the ceremony and the timeliness for the happily married pair: Royce is now 98 and his wife Frankie is 97 years old. Royce wore his Air Force uniform from his time serving in World War II, and beautiful photographs commemorating the event came courtesy of Hilary Michelson, a St. Croix Hospice staffer.

Wedding of Royce King, 98, and his wife, Frankie, 97

The couple was originally married in 1944 in a church, near the end of the war, but no photographs had been taken back then. That had no effect on their happy life together, and this wedding event seemed to be a mix of pure celebration for the sake of it and serendipitous timing; their daughter Sue Bilodeau lives in California but happened to be in the area to witness her parent’s special new union. She described it to TODAY: “It was an impromptu thing… I didn’t know they were planning it until I was on my way to Iowa anyway.”

Bilodeau is presently preparing a photo album for the couple, including shots of them cutting a special cake prepared for them by the folks at St. Croix. It’s never too late to celebrate the one you love.

Photo credit: Hilary Michelson / St. Croix Hospice

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