Lawnmower Philanthropy: NJ Man’s Company Provides Landscaping for the Needy

Like many others, Brian Schwartz of New Jersey was laid off during the coronavirus pandemic. At the time, he was a digital advertising executive from a New York firm, granted a severance package but perplexed about where to go next. His grandfather had recently passed away, so, for the benefit of his own mental health, he figured out an effective way to help senior citizens in need and get some healthy exercise while doing it. That’s when lawncare nonprofit I Want to Mow Your Lawn was born.

Schwartz first began the nonprofit by offering to mow lawns free of charge for anyone age 65 and older, but the growing service provides lawn care and landscaping to not just senior citizens, but veterans, disabled, and underprivileged people. “There are untouched, vastly overgrown lawns,” he explains to ABC7 News. “And they’re, for the most part, living on fixed incomes and just can’t afford lawn care maintenance.”

Months after its inception, Schwartz’s nonprofit now leverages a growing pool of licensed landscapers and volunteers, and their services are always provided at no cost. I Want to Mow Your Lawn’s geographic reach has grown significantly during this time, with services expanded to eight states around the country. Schwartz’s original kindness has quickly inspired others to join in this contribution of labor.

People who want to find out more – including ways to donate to support this generous initiative – can visit the I Want to Mow Your Lawn website here.

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