Left in a Parking Lot to Die, this Rescue Pup is Now Winner of the Hero Dog 2022 Award

The future has been ever so bright for a dog once cruelly abused and abandoned in a parking lot in Indiana. Now named “Ethan,” this dog had a destiny ahead of him, even though he was reportedly in such poor shape that he was unable to lift his own head to eat or drink. One year later, Ethan has been awarded a special distinction: this year’s American Humane Hero Dog Award.

When Ethan’s proud new owner  Jeff Callaway first encountered the dog at the Kentucky Humane Society shelter, it was love at first sight; Callaway states simply that, “I knew he was my dog.” 

Interestingly, Callaway is the facilities director at the shelter, spotting Ethan in a state described as “close to dying.” He only weighed 38 pounds when a dog of his age and size should have been closer to 80. “It didn’t look like he was going to live, but I knew I was going to do everything I could,” Callaway explains, “so he would not leave this world without knowing that someone loves him.”

That love and devotion paid huge dividends and after spending a bout in intensive care, Ethan began to visibly improve. The dog is now unrecognizable to those early days, with his resilient tale earning him the 2022 Hero Dog Award put out by American Humane, a nationwide competition that has been running for 12 years.

You can read Ethan’s story directly on the American Humane website, and witness the glorious smile of a dog living his best (second) life!

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