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Here’s to all the strong women out there! Who stand up for themselves and face the world with a heart of soldier. Here’s to all the passionate women out there! Who won’t let the world stop them from achieving their dreams and doing the things they love. Here’s to all the independent women out there! Who have been there for themselves and show that they can. Here’s to all the unbreakable women out there! Who have been knocked down for countless times but they find a way to rise and stand up again. Here’s to all the women in this world You are beautiful, you are worthy, and no one has the power to dim your light ….

I chose to… Live and make this living worth it Pray with angels and receive their blessing … Enjoy the beauty of this mesmerizing world Feel the bliss with every passing morning … Hear the calling of my inner beauty Sway in tears of joy and embrace the flight … (Excerpted from Mindfulness,

I chose to… Explore the senses of this delightful universe Breathe the sensations of my body with every move Abandon myself in flow and feel compassion Become aware of my existence and thank Lord for His blessings on me… (Excerpted from Mindfulness, chapter Resilience)

… I’ll take the sadness in my eyes and bury it into depths I’ll withstand with courage, every shadow of my harmful past And I will never lose again, just learn and win … (Excerpted from My kind of resilience, chapter Resilience)

… I’ll feel the magic, in the blissful daylight I’ll listen to the cheerful songs of nature And I will heal my soul, with joy and love … (Excerpted from My kind of resilience, chapter Resilience)

… I’ll celebrate the waltz of stars, in endless harmony I’ll dream with my angels, in far away lands And I will send love letters, to my future self … (Excerpted from My kind of resilience, chapter Resilience)

… I’ll pray to God to give me strength and patience I’ll feel no pain, no vengeance, no regrets And I will learn to love again…myself, this time. … (Excerpted from My kind of resilience, chapter Resilience)

What if, everything is simply an experience, no good,bad, right,wrong, simply an experience that we can learn and grow from.

Love is Energy and everything is Inspiration

I am homesick for a place where silence is the only language, love is the only religion, and freedom is not something to be fought for…

I wear a pair of wings Full of flaws and imperfections But they are still beautiful enough to spread them and fly Feeling so perfectly unflawed …

True friendship is when you can allow and accept each other without conditions, ultimatums, expectations, demands or hidden agendas.

Life is not what you think it will be, you will have good times, sad times and bad times. At some point in your Life it will knock you to your knees just to test your resolve. Never give in and never give up there always is a light at the end of the tunnel you just have keep taking steps toward the light crawl if you have to, just keep going. You must know and experience all aspects of life in order to fully comprehend and understand life once you have experienced the good bad and ugly in life can you fully enjoy the gift of life

Loving yourself first fills your own heart with love. If there is no love in your heart, then how can you give love?

Don’t be a slave to the money. Be a slave to your passion. You could be making millions a year and still be miserable, people trade the most valuable thing they have for money, TIME. Time is life, life is time. Make sure you spend your time doing what you LOVE because no amount of money will matter in the end, no one is going to mention how expensive your house was or how crazy your cars were at your funeral. Be a person with true substance and heart and live life the way you want.

SEED And if Paul Celan would come in here, in the future verse I would be the flower you the death I would not write to you on this uncertain wish to die on you like a fading flower to become a seed Tânia Tomé © Book – ” Tie me behind the sun” 2010

Crickets, an orchestra, trail in the shade. Is it God who closes his eyes in the color of surprise to see you? Tania Tome (C) ” Tie me behind the sun” 2010

Never underestimate the infinite love within you It has the power to transform lives

Think of love, dream of love, live of love.

CANYON river, most mighty, waiting for the sun to melt a single snowflake

The strong feeling to connect and love with other human beings, drives the energy of the soul to connect with the physical connection from one person to another.

If you are the drama, I would like to be your script for life.

Hidden symbol of your past shows your destinatioon

If one only focus on the stages of development and ignore the spiritual, he or she has done injustice to the cycle of life.

Live a life of positivity and you will have a life of prosperity.

When we focus on our humanity and not our ethnicity or religion, we allow unity to connect us with our diversity to the one who created us all in his divinity.

I am only who I believe myself to be and I stand in full confidence because of the God in me. I am strong and bold.

The moment you realize you are responsible for your own happiness is the moment you stop inviting unhappiness in your space.

I refuse to give away my time and my beautiful mind to those who will not yield a return on my investment.

When your only competition is becoming a better you, you will always win the game.

My past will never paralyze me, I will never fear my future and I will always prevail in my present situation. I am resilient.

A relationship can only survive when chaos is no longer created through lies and deception and love is displayed through truth and action.

I pray for wisdom because I lack understanding. I pray for strength because I am weak. I pray for guidance because I am lost. I pray for comfort because I am hurting. God I pray to you because I know you are always listening.

Love never fails even when it dies. Love always live.

Know your story, tell your truth, embrace your uniqueness. You are lovely.

Love and joy is better than sorrow and pain, but the growth of life happens when the sun shines and when it rains.

I love who I am becoming when all I am becoming is love.

Words only penetrate the heart when spoken in truth.

Trust takes time, time requires patience, patience is a virtue worth acquiring.

The struggle within exemplifies the beauty without. The art of transformation.

When people think they know you and put you in a box, keep growing and give them the box.

Only in the silence do we get to hear the God within us.

Growth happens when you allow yourself to be transformed through the struggle.

The commonality of who we are is not what we believe, but how we love.

I look at the stars again. Daddy says he named me Starr because I was his light in the darkness. I need some light in my own darkness right about now.

It shouldn’t matter what I say, but rather, how you feel—don’t listen to the words of people. Instead, listen to your heart. It doesn’t lie, and it is speaking just as loudly.

The way you treat others is a reflection of how you treat yourself. To give love to the world you must give love to yourself.

To be happy, pursue love as your highest goal.

Dream about the better life and not about the skin or the hair color. One person will choose you for who you are! Surround yourself with them though many can be around. Love yourself and the world will love you back.

Always give more and expect less, Look at others with love and not hatred, Dream big and enjoy the little things in life.

I will tell you what beauty actually is, you know, being born as a girl is a beauty, growing up and getting married is a kind of beauty. When you offer your hand to help someone brings out the beauty that’s inside you.

No matter how many riches a person have, sometimes what we seek the most is a place in someone’s heart.

You may hold his hands for a while but do the things that makes your heart hold on to his, forever and thereafter.

Love is a holy affection.

The greatest thing is to love God with all your heart. The second great thing is to love thy neighbour as yourself.

Your emotions mirror the emotions of those around you. Surround yourself with hateful people and you will find yourself hateful. Surround yourself with nervous people and you too will be nervous. If you surround yourself with loving people you will be a loving person too. Our environment affects us all far more than we admit but, fortunately, we can change our environment to one that pleases us. Be brave enough to live with love, surrounded by love.

You may not be able to give away your heart but you can give away the space in it.

You cannot be loving if you cannot love yourself. Love begins internally and extends outward.

In life, you can live with love or you can live with hate, the choice is yours.

The emotions you allow yourself to spread are the emotions that will return from the world. Spread hate and you will find your life filled with hate. Spread love and you will find your life filled with love. Let love fill your heart.

Change starts within each and every one of us. We are teachers of love.

Let your life be a life of love. Live with love, embody love, simply be love.

There is a magic in love that you find nowhere else. It is magical, truly magical when you begin to live with love in all its aspects. A life of love is a life of magic. Love the magic.

There is no cure of my illness other than loving you more.

O Lord of lights! Will you fill my heart with joy? That I can dance every day in your love. O Lord of stars! Will you fill my soul with love? That I can cry every day in your love. O Lord of heavens! Will you fill my mind with thoughts? That I can write songs every day in your love. O Lord of love! Will you fill my spirit with courage? That I can die every day in your love. O Lord of day and night! Will you fill my breath with life? That I can live every day in your love. O Lord of all lords! Will you fill me with you? That I can be you every day in your love.

The love you send into the world, you will find, is the love that returns to you.

You are the most important person in your life. You are a mentor, a motivator, a shoulder to cry on, a best friend. You have the power, within yourself, to be whatever you want and need to be. Love every part of you, every part that has helped you along the way. Be thankful for all the love and support you have received from yourself in your lifetime. You are the most important person that you will ever meet in this lifetime.

What is the central focus in your life? Is it a focus in love or in hate? A focus in the good or in the bad? What does your mind wander to in the quiet hours of the night? Change the way you focus on your life. Instead of focusing on your stress, sadness, and angry choose to focus on your peace, joy, and happiness.

Love your life.

It is this simple. The religion of a computer is to compute – the religion of a scorpion is to sting in the face of danger – the religion of a human is to help other humans.

Wherever there is love, there is life.

I love myself. Can you say those words without your mind finding reasons why it is not true? Whatever your mind may be saying about what is wrong with you, remember that you are lovable. Everyone has flaws, that is undeniable, but we can choose to see past our flaws and see the beauty that we each hold inside of us.

Send you infinite love into the world. Love is not a limited resource, it is infinite. There is no reason that you can’t show love to everything around you for any reason. Teach the world how wonderful love in the air feels. Teach the world to show love. Take action to make love a common knowledge.

Realize your potential. Anyone that says one person can’t change the world is wrong. Your actions, thoughts, and words all ripple out into the world. One act of love can change someone’s life. One lifetime of love can change the world. When you realize all of your power, you can start benefiting the entire world with positive actions. Realize your potential to change the world.

Take the time today to love yourself. You deserve it.

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