Out of all the lessons learned in life, the most valuable one is learning to love and accept who you are. Too many times we humans get in a funk because weakness takes us over and begins to feed our enemy within. We allow it’s dark, devious, ugly presence to emerge, replaying our minds with visions of our past mistakes and listen to its lies about us. This beast takes control of our emotional state, tearing down our confidence, telling ourselves we are not worthy of love, money, or happiness. It calls us lazy, stupid, ugly, and fat. There is no power in that space, only anger, judgement, and pessimism.

What do we turn to for help if at all? Therapists, drugs, alcohol, and sometimes family and friends. In reality, the only real medication and therapy is you taking on you. Face your own demons and destroy them yourself. You are the only thing standing in your way. Once you realize that life is not all that complicated because you create your own reality, you can start on a new path.

I know it is easier said than done. Every day life has its complexities. We have rules to follow and responsibilities to uphold. We have societal or familial expectations to live up to. Wait a second here…There are bigger things going on around us that we have no time to work on ourselves? What the hell is that? This is the truth though, we have resorted to doing what we can to please others, and saved nothing to nourish our own mind, body, and spirit.

“Love is the best medicine, and the greatest power in existence. So love the crap out of yourself.”

Never believe that you are broken or have to “fix” yourself. We are created from a source of perfection, and so we can never really be anything other than that. We get lost in the programming of our minds that happens from our birth to the end of our lives. We allow ourselves to believe into the corruption about how we should feel about ourselves or others, as well as what we are supposed to look like and what we have to obtain to validate our position in life.

Love is the best medicine, and the greatest power in existence. So love the crap out of yourself. Incorporate this practice every single day. This means catch yourself the moment you start feeling crappy thoughts about yourself, and turn it around with a compliment. That is something you can master without going to school, seeing a doctor, picking up a book, or even leaving your home. Just remember, for every bad day or moment you have there is someone out there in the world suffering. If you have a hard time loving yourself, maybe you can think about how compassion works first.

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