Make-A-Wish Kid Spends His Wish on Feeding the Homeless

Meet Abraham Olagbegi, a youngster born with a rare blood disorder that required a bone marrow transplant. Luckily, the 13-year-old was able to receive a transplant and the procedure proved successful, but he also had a qualification for the Make-A-Wish foundation, which turned great news into even better news: he wanted to use his wish to help people for the long haul.

In a report by CBS News, Abraham’s mother Miriam describes her son’s decision to use his health and opportunity to feed the homeless in lieu of any other fantastical Make-A-Wish prize. Her quick response was, “You sure you don’t want a Playstation?”

Of course, this was in jest. Miriam describes the values she and her husband instill in their family: “If I was out there on the streets homeless, I would want somebody at some point to think of me and do something special for me. So that’s what I try to instill in my kids, and so we just try to pay it forward.”

Abraham already has a sign for "Abraham's Table" – what he hopes to become a nonprofit for feeding the homeless
Abraham already has a sign for “Abraham’s Table” – what he hopes to become a nonprofit for feeding the homeless

Make-A-Wish made Abraham’s wish come true this past September, organizing and scheduling a day to distribute free food in Jackson, Mississippi, alongside the help of donations made by local businesses. That’s not all, though – the wish is scheduled to be applied for one day per month, handing out free food until August 2022.

Beyond that date, Abraham plans to develop his generous vision into an actual nonprofit organization named “Abraham’s Table,” ensuring that his selfless wish bears seeds into the future. That one day in Jackson ended up feeding an estimated 80 homeless people overall, but it seems like this is just the beginning.

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