The little things really do add up. Mike Mitchell and his little Shih Tzu Chance have been racking up their mileage on daily walks, so much so that eight years of this pastime have turned into a whole lot of traction. At a recent count, the two determined that these casual strolls have amounted to over 24,901 miles in all, which translates to the equatorial circumference of planet Earth.

As per Alaska News Source, Mitchell began tracking his daily steps back in 2013, but only recently noticed the astronomical figure. It’s the result of multiple walks every single day, and Mitchell’s Apple Watch states that it amounts to an average of 3,000 miles a year. That’s more than eight miles of walking per day!

Mitchell first took Chance in as a puppy after spotting a Shih Tzu litter on Craigslist. It marked his 60th birthday and the start of their daily walking routine. Now 68 years old, Mitchell credits this exercise for helping him overcome increased weight and prior lack of fitness, aspects which were exacerbated by a decades-long battle with Hepatitis C. These details inform his pup’s name as well: “I very quickly came to the conclusion I have to take another chance at this… It was just the perfect name for this little dog. He’s the second chance.”

Of course, this isn’t a one-and-done, and the two continue their lengthy daily hikes all over Anchorage. Eight years later it’s still one step at a time.

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