Maryland High School Students Design Brilliant Wheelchair-Stroller for Disabled Parents

High school students can do amazing things, such as this group of students at Bullis Private School. Matt Zigler teaches a class at this school known as “Making for Social Good,” where the entire focus is on designing products meant to have a lasting and positive social impact. Ten of Zigler’s students matched their imagination and aptitude for design with a local resident who was experiencing hardship, and their invention would help provide something absolutely essential to parents like him: the ability to push their baby stroller while in a wheelchair. 

As per Good Morning America, Jeremy King is a 37-year-old in Germantown, Maryland, and had been experiencing some predictable issues after undergoing brain surgery, including physical challenges like balancing when walking. King would need a wheelchair for some of this slow recovery process, but he and his wife Chelsie received further news in June of last year: she was pregnant and expecting.

Naturally, the new parents wondered about how they would safely take their child on walks or carry them to activities, and investigated options for folks in their situation. Chelsie admitted that “…not a whole lot came up – there’s just really not a ton of resources out there for disabled parents.”

That’s where Zigler came into the picture. Chelsie reached out to him and he passed to project to his class, who began to investigate ways to solve this problem. After interviewing the Kings and researching the challenges, the class divided into two groups, one working on the WheeStroll Stroller Attachment and another on the WheeStroll Stroller Connector. Each addressed the issue in different ways, with the former connecting an infant car seat to Jeremy’s wheelchair and the latter built to connect an entire stroller on its own.

After considerable work, the Kings were thrilled with the solutions developed by these Maryland students with video of Chelsie and Jeremy taking their new son Phoenix out for a stroll. The WheeStroll designs have also been released on Instructables, so anyone can follow suit and craft their own.

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