Metal Detectorist’s Incredible Once-in-a-Lifetime Find May Net $47,000 at Auction

Sometimes a return to our beloved hobbies can net huge dividends. Such was the case with David Board of Dorset, England, a 69-year-old man who’s spent the last few years metal detecting as a hobby. Although he originally spent some time in the ‘70s using the device, he never found anything and eventually dropped it. Now, 50 years later, he’s unearthed a once-in-a-lifetime piece of history that will be going to auction soon.

Below is a detailed photo of the medieval diamond ring discovered by Board in a pasture field. It seems that he didn’t even know exactly what he had first found, but appraisal at the British Museum revealed that the ring was centuries old and a rare piece, since dubbed “The Lady Brook Medieval,” named after its original owner. A French inscription in the band of the ring translates to “I hold your faith, hold mine.”

The interior inscription reads “I hold your faith, hold mine,” in French. Credit: Noonans

Now, this incredible find will be going to auction courtesy of Mayfair Auctioneers Noonans at an unspecified time later this month, with expectations to net upwards of £40,000 (roughly $47,300). Consultant for Coins and Antiquities at Noonans Nigel Mills described the ring as “in almost perfect condition.”

Board explained that he hopes to use these funds to help his partner’s daughter to set up a mortgage, but what’s further fascinating is that he couldn’t even conceive of how special his find originally was; he first thought that it was “scrap metal.” Board changed his tune after taking the ring home and cleaning it. It can sometimes be wise to doubt our first instincts.

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