Miniature Dachshund Grabbed by Owl on New Year’s Eve Rescued and Reunited with Family

It’s a terrifying tale with a happy ending: a miniature dachshund named Fiona was violently seized by a hungry owl in Missouri, but has since been rescued and has received medical attention. The good news is that Fiona seems to be doing perfectly well, though her owners were worried sick after the terrifying event, which took place before ringing in 2022 on New Year’s Eve.

St. Louis’ KMOX shared the story, which starts with a terrifying search. Fiona’s owner Natalie Pollock recalls, “Shortly after midnight, after we rang in the New Year, we realized that Fiona wasn’t answering, she wasn’t in the house.” The extended family who was celebrating the new year at a farm began searching the grounds on into the night but ultimately turned up nothing. Unbeknownst to them, an owl had snatched the poor nine-pound pup and made off with her.

The story could have ended in tragedy, were it not for Bruce Hareford, who was driving his car down a route he usually didn’t take. “I seen something flew over the top of my car. I didn’t know exactly what it was. I mean, it looked big. Then it dropped something, and when it dropped something I stopped my car, and I pulled out my Mag flashlight and I opened up my door… And here was this little-bitty miniature dachshund.”

Hareford took Fiona in for the night and took care of her, and a friend of his posted a photo of the dog on their Facebook page. A few connections later and introductions were made so that Hareford could get the pup back to her owners.

When Fiona didn’t turn up, the Pollocks joined in prayer. Hareford himself explains, “I’m a firm believer that God makes things happen in certain ways, and for some reason, I was told to go down that road and find her.” Someone certainly answered those prayers, and Fiona is thankfully safe; a veterinarian attended to the dog’s injuries, but they mostly amounted to some cuts on her face from the owl’s sharp talons.

As for Natalie Pollock, she seems to have learned that, “Even a dog has a guardian angel.”

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