Mutt’s Coffee in Portland Spotlights Rescued Dogs on Every Bag, Every Week

Caffeine and canines combine in Mutt’s Coffee, a recently minted coffee company out of Portland which highlights rescued dogs on every bag. Founded by Jaclyn Leedy and Mark Wilcox, the company counts 20+ years in the coffee-roasting game, and supports dog rescue and advocacy via its product. It’s not just lip service; 25% of Mutt’s Coffee’s profits is actually earmarked for Free State Four Paws, a dog rescue and advocacy group based out of Alabama. 

Here’s how it works: every week, the bag labels for Mutt’s Coffee get rotated, showcasing a new featured rescued dog from Winston County, AL. Even though the company is based out of Portland, they specifically work with the Alabaman rescue because, “they face some of the most staggering cases of animal neglect and abandonment in our country.” Essentially, Mutt’s Coffee labels are being used to advocate for these rescued dogs and spread awareness about their journeys, featuring more details of these weekly coffee celebs on their social media platforms.

This year, Mutt’s Coffee also began featuring puppers sourced from their own community of fans as well, accepting story submissions from adopters. Leedy and Wilcox are, unsurprisingly, adopters themselves, and their own beloved rescue dog Pokey (originally from Alabama) is officially employed as the company’s “brand ambassador.” 

People who want to learn more can check out the Mutt’s Coffee website, which recently began shipping its product nationwide, with whole-bean and ground options. For those who want to submit their dogs to be a Mutt’s Coffee Featured Mutt, emails can be sent to [email protected]

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