Neighbors Throw a Birthday Celebration for this Hero Pup

Any burglars planning a crime in a neighborhood in Brentwood, Tennessee now know one thing for certain: Gus the Labrador is on the watch, and he doesn’t go down easy. The spritely hero pup has just turned two years old, and neighbors are celebrating him in joyous appreciation of his courage, when he protected the area against a suspected burglar back in September, even putting himself in harm’s way.

ABC News 10 in San Diego covered the celebration, as well as the previous attempted morning burglary, where then-one-year-old Gus was injured after chasing the man through an electric fence. The dog was then shot by the perpetrator at close range; Gus’ owner Jess explained to the news that, “He was shot in the head above his eye, but the vet staff said that it traveled through his ear canal and exited through his neck.”

After chasing the burglar, Gus found himself at neighbor Phillip Elam’s house, who saw the bullet hole in his head. Images of Gus wearing a protective cone after being treated by the vet showed the pup in good spirits, and the neighbors were grateful for his quick thinking and bravery.

Now, months later, Gus has turned two, an event which turned into a neighborhood birthday party. The neighbor who found Gus after the shooting put it in no uncertain terms: “He’s a neighborhood hero. That’s what he is… We call him ‘super dog.’”

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