NYC Sanitation Workers Rescue Kitten from Trash Compactor

A tiny kitten in Queens, New York is sleeping easier tonight after a split-second rescue from a garbage truck’s trash compactor. The keen ears of two sanitation worker heroes in Broad Channel – a neighborhood located in southern Queens – are responsible for saving the kitty, after hearing him mewling and meowing from within a trash bag, mere moments when they were about to fling the bag into the compactor on Monday.

The kitten was ten months old, and the two workers fatefully named him “Hopper” after the term for the truck’s compactor. One of the workers, William Montero, spoke to ABC6 News about the discovery: “I couldn’t believe it, I’m like, who would do this… There are so many different outlets to help a cat with a better life than to put him in a bag and tie it up and put tape around the top… I can’t help but think it was intentional.”

Montero and his coworker John Kase have been sanitation workers for many years, and their attention to their job is commendable. It’s also reminiscent of Waldo Fidele, a sanitation worker in Florida who narrowly rescued a child who was hiding in a garbage can back in February, right before the can’s contents were to be emptied in the compactor.

Hopper the kitten was taken to Noah’s Ark Animal Rescue near Rockaway Beach, where he is reportedly being treated for respiratory and eye infections. When he’s back on his feet, the rescue will be putting him up for adoption, and here’s hoping the story spreads and he heads to a happy home soon.

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