Once Horribly Abused, Maggie the Wunderdog Now Thriving Advocate for Adopting Disabled Pups

“Nobody wanted Maggie, and now she’s got half a million people that would take her in an instant if I offered her up because she’s a good dog… Every dog is a good dog.” That’s dog behaviorist Kasey Carlin describing her beloved therapy dog Maggie to TODAY, a formerly abused foster, now delightful therapy dog and social media star. Carlin heard about the five-year-old pup’s traumatized past in Lebanon and the difficulty experienced in trying to get her adopted, and so decided to foster her.

At the time, Carlin had adopted a dog with behavioral issues named Mishka and was patiently working through those challenges with them, and she wasn’t sure if she could cope with adopting another. Maggie’s past is brutal to read about, but suffice to say that she was horribly tortured, shot with bb guns, and is presently missing both eyes and one ear. She was reportedly aggressive prior to being flown out to the UK, but this would soon change.

Maggie encourages students as well as her Instagram followers to be kind.
Maggie encourages students as well as her Instagram followers to be kind.

Carlin spent time getting her two dogs acclimated and comfortable, and they are now best friends. As Carlin never received a single offer of adoption, she formally adopted Maggie herself, and was already on the road to recovery in her new happy home.

Carlin has Maggie work as a therapy dog because, despite the horrific abuses of her past, Maggie loves people. She’s brought to meet with seniors with dementia, first responders, and schoolchildren, and her blossoming Instagram page shares photographs of Maggie with messages of anti-bullying and kindness.

Maggie’s sweet and trusting nature is a far cry from the poor pup Carlin picked up at the airport. Inspired by her dog and wanting to spread her message further, Carlin even wrote a book about her, The Miraculous Life of Maggie the Wunderdog. Using her newfound fame for good, she has reportedly helped raise £40,000 for dog charities, and advocates adoption for dogs with disabilities and seniors, the ones who are often overlooked.

She’s also proof positive that it’s not our past that defines us, but the love we start sharing today.

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