An organ donation recipient offered up a loving gesture on her wedding day when she asked her donor’s father to walk her down the aisle. Diana Donnarumma, 28, from Buffalo, New York, made the wholesome offer to Daniel Donnelly Jr., whose daughter, Heather, had died in a car accident in San Antonio, Texas, in October 2017. An intestinal transplant from Heather helped save Diana’s life, as she was previously in intestinal failure due to the progression of her Dysautonomia, also known as automatic dysfunction.

A year after the transplant, Diana was allowed to reach out to her donor’s family. Knowing that Daniel, a single parent, had not had the chance to walk his daughter down the aisle on her big day, Diana later asked if he would do her the honor, which Daniel accepted. On August 13, at Salvatore Hospitality in Buffalo, Daniel cried as he first saw Diana in her wedding dress, before walking her into the main room for the reception. There, he gave Diana over to her biological father, Glen, who walked his daughter the rest of the way so that she could marry her husband, Conlan Kreher, 30.

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