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What is a Life Coach?

Everybody needs a little help in life. Maybe you’ve got into a rut at work and you’re not sure which direction your career should go. Maybe you’re struggling in a relationship or you find it hard to make friends.

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How to Calm Anxiety Naturally

For those who experience distress from an anxiety disorder, everyday life can quickly begin to feel like a living nightmare. Physical symptoms of anxiety include chest tightness, shallow breathing, sweating, and a rapid heart rate.

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12 Self-Love Affirmations for a Happier Life

Self-love affirmations fuel wellbeing and equip you to deal with the challenges of relationships. It furnishes you with self-respect and the ability to make sure your needs are met. Without it, your happiness is at the mercy of the way people treat you rather than in your hands and you won’t appreciate your value.

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5 Ways to Stay Positive in a Negative World

There is a lot of negativity in the world today, challenging our ability and will of staying positive. From political disagreements that are tearing families apart to the existential risks of climate change and runaway technology, the negative influences are everywhere you turn.

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