Quotes of the Day


War Or Peace: Which Do You Choose?

Having a son turned me into a pacifist not because I was an idealist, but because motherhood made me a realist. Why are we raising our children in a culture saturated with violence? Every week, sometimes twice a week, sometimes more often, there is another mass shooting, always by a man, usually a white man. 

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Outgrowing & Ending Relationships

We all have the experience of outgrowing a relationship. Sometimes a long friendship ends abruptly, but sometimes it just feels like a long, slow, painful death. Sometimes you understand why it ended, but sometimes you are left hanging in the wind wondering what in the Hell happened.

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Work-Life Balance & Wellness

We hear it all the time…from our friends, family, the media, and even at work! Life is about balance and specifically work-life balance. But do you ever feel as though you are eternally chasing this lofty state of nirvana?

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Happiness doesn’t follow success

Work hard, become successful, then you’ll be happy. At least, that’s what many of us were taught by our parents, teachers and peers. The idea that we must pursue success in order to experience happiness is enshrined in the United States’ most treasured institutions (the Declaration of Independence), beliefs (the American dream), and stories (Rocky and Cinderella).

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