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5 Relaxation Techniques for Managing Stress

Relaxation techniques are physical methods or exercises that are used to reduce muscle tension and promote feelings of calmness. These practices also lower other physiological signs of stress, such as high blood pressure and anxiety. Muscle tension is actually a reaction to mental stress, but it also has the effect of putting stress on the body.

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How to Make Time for Yourself

Obligations, work, plans, unforeseen complications- all of these eat into the little precious time that you have for yourself. It can be hard to plan and honor a time slot for “me-time” with all of the things you have to do, but it’s possible with a bit of determination and willpower.

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40 Famous Frederick Douglass Quotes

Frederick Douglass (February 1818 – February 20, 1895) was an escaped slave who became a prominent activist, author and public speaker. He became a leader in the abolitionist movement, which sought to end the practice of slavery, before and during the Civil War.

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