When Yuna, a cute little four-year-old pug, experienced complications early in life due to her illness, her owners were greatly concerned. Matt Goldsmith and Chris Mudge of the seaside town of Paignton in New England adore Yuna, but a congenital spine condition she has, known as hemivertebra, affected her mobility. It’s something her owners paid careful attention to through her formative months when symptoms began to arise.

Goldsmith and Mudge aren’t just pet lovers, but actually run a pet shop in Newton Abbot known as Palin and Way Pet Supplies. The entrepreneurs poured over research and options to improve Yuna’s life until finally finding a product made in America. Goldsmith explains to DevonLive, “So, they’re imported over here, and they’re not really cheap, but I don’t really care about the price because I’d do anything for my animals. It was a lot of money to fork out, but I thought, ‘I’ve got to try, I’ve got to get them, see if they fit.’”

Yuna and her pink Walkin' Wheels
Yuna and her pink Walkin’ Wheels

Yuna still encountered some issues and needed medical care, but TV personality Dr. Noel Fitzpatrick – famous in England for his show The Supervet – agreed to work with the family to ensure that Yuna’s life was as pain-free and pleasant as could be. The wheeled pupper is enjoying her days know, which inspired her owners to take it one step further.

The pet shop is offering fellow owners of disabled pets fittings for their own set of wheels, to ensure that their mobility is maintained despite any conditions or injuries they are living with. Disabled pet owners can stop by the shop and meet with the team, schedule fittings for their pets, all in person by people who fully understand where they’re coming from.

Sometimes, working to solve problems for our loved ones creates powerful opportunities to expand those solutions. You can find out more at the Facebook site for Palin and Way Pet Supplies.

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