A personal trainer and his 80-year-old client have gone viral after the coach shared a video of them celebrating as she successfully completed a box jump she spent months building up to. Since January, Betty Crosby, 80, has been working with trainer Torey Bowman, 24, to land an 18-inch box jump after being inspired by a video of 70-year-old man performing one.

With Torey’s help at her local Gold’s Gym in Greeley, Colorado, the paid have been working on Betty’s balance, stability, strength and agility, while also building what they called a “grandma and grandson” relationship in the process. One day, Torey showed Betty a video of an elderly person completing a box jump and suggested that she try it, too, one day.

Betty was reluctant at first, but she eventually built up the strength in her lower body that Torey felt confident she could do so. On May 21, Torey set up his camera while Betty looked at the 18-inch-high box.

The trainer then advised his client how to drive into her jump, and, just like that, Betty leaped onto the platform. As soon as she did, Torey raised his arms in celebration, walking joyously around the gym and cheering.

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