Police Officer Adopts Dog She Rescued from Being Trapped in Hot Car

A dog who was trapped in a car in New York City during sweltering heat last month has now found a happy new home. Back on June 18th, officers responded to calls put in my concerned New Yorkers who spotted the poor pup, who then tweeted their action as they investigated and broke the vehicle’s windows to retrieve the American Eskimo Dog and rushed him to safety at an ASPCA Animal Recovery Center.

FOX News now reports that the dog has since recovered and Officer Aruna Maharaj has adopted and welcomed the little guy into her home. The dog is now named Snow and is doing much better than he was before, as per an ASPCA spokesperson: “From the moment Officer Maharaj was involved in this case, she knew Snow was special.”

Officer Maharaj and her fiancé were apparently not in the market for a pet, but she felt an immediate connection with the dog in trouble. After rescuing him from the hot car, “She immediately brought him into her car with the air conditioner blasting, where he sat on her lap, licked her face, and wouldn’t move from her company.”

During the month at the ASPCA, Snow received extensive medical and behavioral care in order to be adopted safely. Since then, he has a “cat sibling,” a backyard, and a very grateful new owner.

An investigation has also been initiated to determine who had left Snow trapped in the car. The ASPCA estimated that he had been trapped there for over 24 hours before being rescued.

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