A poor little skunk in Arvada, Colorado can breathe easier, after getting its head hopelessly stuck in a disposable Chick-fil-A milkshake cup near the Apex Rec Center on 72nd Avenue. The cup’s tapered plastic lid proved to be the perfect thing to grip the skunk’s head tightly like a collar, which is when a local police officer noticed the animal “running wild” and took a moment to help.

The short moment was captured on video, thanks to the Arvada Colorado Police Department. Denver’s CBS4 featured the recent footage, which shows the police officer carefully using a pair of trash tongs to firmly grip the cup, which allows the skunk to slide its head out of the lid. The officer carefully moves backward after freeing the skunk, understandably concerned for their safety from any kind of retaliation, but the animal stood back and watched her walk off.

Of course, the real lesson here is to be very careful with discarded refuse, as there’s no way to be sure that a piece of it won’t incapacitate a poor animal looking for food. As luck would have it, this skunk seemed to have a guardian angel and may have not been able to effectively free themselves without assistance.

It’s also important to note that skunks are omnivorous animals and have frequently been known to scavenge discarded food and garbage left behind by humans.

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