The author Charles R. Swindoll once said, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” If you think about it, you get to make the decision about whether to react positively or negatively about any given situation in your life. However, the most successful people are those who can think positive – even after something negative happens to them. It’s kind of like that proverbial quote, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” In short, if you want to be successful in life, you must learn to use the power of positive thinking.

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. - Charles R. Swindoll

What is Positive Thinking?

Many people define positive thinking as being an optimist when it comes to the way that they view life. For example, someone loses their job. Instead of being depressed and dwelling on it for years, they start their own business. Someone might be given bad news that they are unable to have children. However, they end up adopting a child that they love and raise as their own. Basically, a positive thinker isn’t going to let bad things keep them down. Most positive thinkers have these traits in common:

  • They don’t spend a lot of time dwelling on the past.
  • They look for solutions to problems.
  • Positive thinkers refuse to give up when they encounter obstacles.
  • They stay active and focused on doing enjoyable activities.
  • Above all, positive thinkers always find a bright side to every situation.

Negativity Kills Your Ambition

It takes big ambition to achieve your biggest dreams. Unfortunately, negativity will squash your ambition and goals along with it. Those who are negative are more likely to get depressed when they experience a setback. For example, you might have your heart set on a promotion at work, but you get passed over for it. Instead of looking for other ways to advance your career, you focus on being angry at your boss. You could very well end up missing out on other opportunities because you are distracted by your anger. It’s okay to feel disappointed when you don’t get something that you want, but you must learn to channel your emotions into positive thinking that will push you forward to reach your goals.

Learn to Live with Your Decisions

Another important component of positive thinking is not second-guessing every decision you make. For example, there’s the college student who changes their major every semester or the job hopper who can’t stay in the same position for more than a year. The problem with changing your mind all the time is that you never give yourself a chance to achieve the goals you set for yourself. Instead, you are always looking for something better or stuck revisiting the past. Therefore, learn to stick with your initial decision because you will have an easier time staying positive and seeing your goals through to fruition.

Why do Positive Thinkers Tend to Be More Successful?

One of the biggest things that makes positive thinking powerful is that others will enjoy being around you because you will make them feel good. Furthermore, you will have a better chance of influencing others and convincing them to follow your decisions. That’s how many leaders become so successful. Here are some important reasons why positive thinkers tend to be so successful in life:

  • They aren’t afraid to try new things.
  • Positive thinkers aren’t afraid to make mistakes.
  • They never walk away from a challenge.
  • They actually take steps to pursue their goals.
Learn to Interpret Your Own Body Language
A lady displaying positive body language and thinking by flipping her hair while speaking to a guy
Body Language | Positive Thinking: The Secret to Achieving Success in Life

Your body language – positive body language – is one of the keys to implementing positive thinking in your life. For example, if someone gives you bad news, you might offer a polite response, but your body language might be telling the other person that you aren’t really taking the news very well. However, when you are truly committed to positive thinking, it will be reflected in your body language.

Avoid Making Excuses for Failures

Another important trait that positive thinkers and successful people have in common is that they don’t make excuses for their failures. Furthermore, they always own up to their mistakes and take responsibility for fixing them. Instead of playing the blame game, look for ways to learn from your mistakes and failures so that something positive might come from them.

How to Put Positive Thinking to Work in Your Life

Learning to apply positive thinking in your daily life will likely take some work. That’s because many people tend to be drawn toward the negative aspects of life. For example, the media will often focus heavily on negative news stories because those bring in more ratings than positive stories. However, you can retrain your mind to think positive with these tips:

  • Try to find positive stories to read about.
  • Find positive aspects of your life to think about.
  • Avoid using negative words in conversations.
  • Don’t let yourself quit after a setback.
  • Identify things in your life that make you feel negative.
  • Learn to let go of negative things in your life.
  • Focus on feelings of strength, happiness, and success.
  • Surround yourself with other positive thinkers.
  • Find time to do things that make you happy.
The Impact of Thinking Positive on Your Life

Finally, positive thinking has a way of changing your life for the better. For example, you will find yourself feeling happier during the day. Your stress level will decline. Positive thinking is even healthier for your body. You will also find yourself with more energy to do activities. Positive thinking can even do wonders for your professional life. You will learn to handle tough situations at work better, and your boss and colleagues will notice a difference in your attitude.

In short, positive thinking is about taking things in stride – not getting discouraged when you face setbacks and challenges. If you are constantly bombarded with negative thoughts, it will kill your ambition and goals. Once you make a decision, you need to stick with it. Remember, positive people, are often the most successful because others enjoy being around them. Since your body language will tell others how you truly feel, make sure it’s positive. Stop making excuses for your mistakes – and start putting the power of positive thinking to work in your life.

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