12 Self-Love Affirmations for a Happier Life

Self-love affirmations fuel wellbeing and equip you to deal with the challenges of relationships. It furnishes you with self-respect and the ability to make sure your needs are met. Without it, your happiness is at the mercy of the way people treat you rather than in your hands and you won’t appreciate your value.

Contrary to what you may think, self-love isn’t a selfish quality in a mercenary sense. It might involve putting yourself first sometimes, but self-care makes you a positive role model and increases strength and wisdom. Here’s a list of 12 self-love affirmations for how you can love yourself and increase wellbeing.

12 Self-Love Affirmations

#1. I will exercise self-approval and forgiveness

Do you disapprove more than you approve of yourself? When you criticize or demean your behaviors, abilities, or looks, your self-esteem nosedives.

Applaud of your finest qualities, and accept those you want to refine, to increase self-love. You are a work in progress and will make mistakes. But setbacks and mishaps lead to a greater understanding. Celebrate your achievements and life lessons and your self-regard will grow.

#2. I choose to self-cherish

When you cherish someone, you see their value and take action toward their greatest good. You recognize their needs and fulfill them when possible. Self-cherishing involves taking care of yourself like you would someone you love. Even if you don’t love yourself yet, the act of cherishing will help self-love grow.

Take self-care seriously, too. You wouldn’t criticize a beloved friend with harsh words, so don’t chastise yourself with negative thoughts. Nor would you neglect their health if it were in your hands.

If a habit harms you, swap it for a loving behavior. Promise yourself that from now on, you won’t carry out damaging behaviors. You’ll engage in acts of self-care that help you thrive.

Satisfy your emotional and physical requirements, as they are connected and strengthen each other. The more you exercise or relax when you need to, and fill life with joyful activities, the happier and healthier you will be.

Respect and care for yourself exercising self-love. When doing so the message that you are valuable and lovable will sink into your subconscious where you create beliefs.

#3. I choose positive relationships

A happy woman and man holding hands and enjoying their loving relationship
Choosing healthy relationship | Self-love affirmations for a happier life

Occasionally, you might argue with someone. But if your interactions with friends and family are positive most of the time, your relationships are healthy. When they regularly involve dissatisfaction though, they could do you more harm than good.

Choose positive relationships over those that make you blue. People who respect and support you are assets worth investing in compared to those who don’t.

#4. I am committed to discovering what makes me happy

Note what adds to daily happiness. Are you happiest when you walk in the countryside? Dance? Connect with people? Top up on joy regularly, focus on your list of self-love affirmations and plan for days when your mood dips.

What can you do to lift your spirits? Does it help to pamper and preen? Watch a funny movie? Play with your dog? Make a note of things to do when you feel low so you can elevate your frame of mind fast.

#5. I will quit comparing myself to other people

It’s hard to love yourself if you compare your appearance, skills, and personality with that of others. No one is exactly like you, so you can’t use anyone as your yardstick.

The only person to compete with is yourself. You can strive to be your best and outdo your last performance. But don’t worry about anyone else’s prowess. They cannot offer your unique gifts, so a positive affirmation is to remember that your best is always good enough.

#6. I will practice self-awareness and live in the moment

Revisiting the past may hurt and worrying about the future can cause anxiety. Use mindfulness to bring you to the present when your thoughts stray to another time frame. It will help to follow your breath or get in touch with your senses. Run your hand over the bark of a tree, for instance, or listen to birdsong.

#7. I will define my boundaries

Defining boundaries when on vacation is a good self-love affirmation
Valuing and defining your boundaries | Self-love affirmations

Defining your boundaries will help you recognize your limitations, so you know when someone crosses the line. What behaviors are you not prepared to put up with from family, friends, and partners? An important self-love affirmation is to define your boundaries and teach people how you expect them to treat you by providing clear guidelines; by doing so you’ll create positive relationships.

#8. I will remember who I am

Who are you when you don’t strive to meet another person’s needs? You may become entrenched in a role like a parent or employer, for example, at the expense of forgetting your real joys and needs.

What do you love to do? Where do you want to go? Dedicate at least a few hours a week to feeding your spirit of adventure, peace, and relaxation, and honor who you are.

#9. I will enjoy my own company

Many people don’t relish time alone. They are bored or anxious by themselves. If you are ill-at-ease when solo, practice the self-love affirmation of enjoying your own company. Perform tasks that absorb your attention. Paint, write, or carry out a mindful exercise like meditation or tai chi and learn how to be at peace when there’s no one around. As you exercise more self-love, you will find more comfort and peace enjoying your alone time.

#10. I will connect to my wisdom

There’s a wise part of you crafted from your experience and knowledge you can tap into when you are quiet and reflective.

If you need answers to problems, ask your mind to produce the shrewdest advice possible. You may be surprised at how smart and sage-like you are.

Also, trust yourself when your intuition tells you what to do. It stems from heart and brain wisdom and will show you the way when you are unsure where to turn.

#11. I will keep a journal

Write your ideas, emotions, self-love affirmations and experiences in a journal daily. Self-expression can reduce anxiety and aid understanding when you meet setbacks, and it’s useful to keep a record of insights to view later.

#12. I will emphasize what works

Rather than focus on what doesn’t work for you, pay attention to events, relationships, and actions that fulfill you and increase your wellbeing, and repeat them often. Attending to what works and self-love affirmations will help you build a healthy life and improve your mindset.

Love yourself and your welfare will improve in every way. Relationships will blossom, your happiness will grow, and you’ll cultivate a more satisfying lifestyle.