We’ve spoken before about the difficulty of senior shelter adoptions and end-of-life rescues, but this truly seems like a magical match. 19-year-old Gus is a cat who found himself at a shelter in North Carolina, and hope for a successful rehoming seemed grim. As per Newsweek, The Humane Society of Catawba County in North Carolina stated that his former owner regretted having to part with him, “due to unforeseen work commitments,” though a health screening proved that at “19 years young, Gus was in exceptional health.”

The story may have sadly ended there, but Gus would not have long to wait at the shelter; less than a month after arrival, Gus was already on his way to his new forever home. A call had come in from a family seeking out an elderly cat, looking for a companion for their 101-year-old mother Penny, still grieving over her own cat who had recently passed.

The Humane Society of Catawba County’s executive director Jane Bowers explained that the shelter was cautious to approve “…because of the age of all parties,” but the callers committed that they would also provide care for Gus if needed. And, just like that, the prospects of both seniors soared, and Gus’ adoption from the shelter was fast-tracked.

The matching proved a rousing success, and Bower stated that Gus has already, “made himself at home and [is] eating like a horse.” A heartwarming photograph shows Penny and her new furry companion sharing a bad and some cuddles. We wish them both the best.

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