Best Serbian Dating Sites & Apps

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A review of the best Serbian dating sites for meeting single Serbian women and men
There’s a sizeable Serbian population out of Serbia. From Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, the United States, Australia, United Kingdom and so on, the Serbia diaspora is well-represented across the world. So if single, and looking to date Serbian women or men living outside of Serbia, what’s the best Serbia dating site out there? We have reviewed a number of Serbian dating sites and apps, and our pick as the best Serbian dating site and app is SerbianLove.

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Best Serbian Dating Site – SerbianLove

Overview of SerbianLove

SerbianLove is a dating site that emphasizes the quality of member profiles and as such, their dating site is geared towards more serious singles who wish to go on dates and find a long term partner.

The site has robust search filters, real-time chat, and informative profiles which you gives you a level of reassurance when speaking to a stranger. Members on SerbianLove come from all over the world, and as a result, you should not be surprised when receiving communication from single Serbian men or women living overseas or in a nearby country.

We like the site’s features and especially the quality of the members who have by and large taken the time to post informative profiles and pictures. And for this reason, SerbianLove ranks as the best Serbian dating site on our list.

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Notable Serbian Dating Sites And Apps

Serbs Dating SiteSerbsDating is a dating site for Serbian singles.

The layout is quite outdated and is not compatible with mobile phones. The site is available in several languages and so far as we can tell, it is free to use. It might be worth a look but truth be told, the site looks quite stale.

Best Serbian Dating SiteSerbianDating is the sister site of SerbianLove. As a result, you will find the same members on Serbian Dating as you will on Serbian Love. It’s a great app/site for meeting single Serbian women and men.

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Best Countries For Dating Serbs

Best countries for dating single Serbian women and men

Below is a list of the top countries for meeting single Serbian women and men. If looking to date Serbs, these are the best areas to live.

Germany: The number of Serbians in Germany is said to be over 580,000, thus making it one of the largest Serbian communities outside of Serbia.

Austria: The second largest Serbian population of Serbian women and men in Europe (outside of Serbia) is Austria. Roughly 250,000 to 300,000 Serbians live in Austria.

Switzerland and France: It is estimated that both France and Switzerland are each home to around 120,000 Serbians.

United States: The US is home to nearly 1,000,000 Serbian men and women. Suffice it to say, the US is a great place to live if looking to date Serbs. The largest Serbian-American populations can be found in the following states: Arizona, Illinois (Chicago), New York, California, Alaska, Texas, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Indiana, Louisiana, Nebraska and Ohio.

Best Cities For Dating Single Serbians
  • Chicago, Illinois: 300,000 Serbian women and men live in Chicago
  • Vienna, Austria: 163,483 Serbian women and men call Vienna home
  • Sydney, Australia: 28,307 Serbian women and men live in Sydney
  • Berlin, Germany: 27,536 Serbian men and women call Berlin home
  • Paris, France: Home to 27,373 Serbians habite à Paris
  • Munich, Germany: 26,976 Serbian men and women, including many singles, live in Munich
  • Cologne, Germany: 17,255 Serbs live in Cologne
  • Toronto, Canada: 17,155 Serbians live in Toronto making it a great city for dating single Serbian men and women
  • Hamburg, Germany: Hamburg has a sizeable Serbian population of 9,539
  • Timisoara 6,311
  • Trieste 4,501
  • London, United Kingdon 4,316
  • Helsinki, Finland 2,840
  • Vicenza 2,609
  • Linz 2,012
  • Chicago, Illinois is home to roughly 1,940 Serbian men and women
  • Budapest 1,861
  • Graz 1,641
  • Innsbruck 1,552
  • Moscow 1,195
  • Vantaa 923
  • Rome 731
  • Naples 646
  • Espoo 645
  • Arzignano 504
  • Milan 493
  • Turku 432
  • Turin 216

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