A poor injured pupper has a new zesty lease on life, after being taken into a firehouse in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia. Young eight-month-old pitbull Charlie was brought in to Engine 7, Ladder 10 by a neighbor, with the dog bloody and wrapped in a towel. Firefighter Joe Pedrick and his crew members rushed the dog to the Animal Care & Control Team of Philadelphia (ACCT), a nonprofit shelter in town, hoping they weren’t too late.

Charlie had reportedly been used as a bait dog and the injuries seemed dire, which prompted ACCT to transport her immediately to an emergency veterinary hospital. Speaking with FOX29 News, ACCT Director of Development and Communication Sarah Barnett described, “Her carotid artery was, basically, exposed, which is something that is, obviously, very dangerous.”

Once Charlie was done with her operation, a few of the firefighters considered helping her recover, but Pedrick stepped right in, welcoming her into his family. Some beautiful footage of the sweet pup sees her enjoying her new home and even visiting the firefighters who stepped in to ensure she’d have the loving life she deserves.

Pedrick’s decision to adopt her makes it all seem obvious: “I mean, she’s from the neighborhood. We try to do good around here, when we can. She’s one of our own.” Pedrick also comments that he hopes this willingness to adopt will inspire others to take in rescues, as the ACCT shelter is presently full of dogs looking for their own personal heroes.

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