Son Cries Tears of Happiness at His Mother in her Wedding Dress

Seeing the joy of those we love can inspire overwhelming emotion in ourselves. Such was the case with a young man named Mekhi Sheffield, who got a peek at his mother Jean on her special day right before the ceremony, a sweet moment that was luckily captured on video.

In a recording posted by Natalie Lewis, Jean’s hairstylist for the wedding, Mekhi walks down the hall and into his mother’s bridal suite. He’s all smiles and very dapper in his suit with a bow tie. His mother asks him, “You ready to walk me down the aisle? You think you can do it?” Soon, Mekhi is in tears, and the two embrace.

She confirms with him that they are “happy tears,” and Mekhi tells her, “I’m so happy for you.” After the video, Jean reportedly showed Mekhi how to hold his arm out during the ceremony, and he would become emotionally overwhelmed once again later on.

The video posted on TikTok of the interaction has racked up over 2.4 million likes and over 50,000 comments at the time of writing, with plenty of folks sharing in these happy tears for a happy family.

What’s interesting is that the opportune internet moment may have never even happened; Jean wanted to meet with her son before the ceremony but didn’t expect that there would be enough time. Luckily, they made the time, immortalizing this incredible moment between a mother and her son for the world to see.

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