South Korea Appoints a Heroic Pup named Baekgu as Its First “Rescue Dog”

Baekgu’s heroism has gone national! The little four-year-old white dog earned a special distinction from his nation of South Korea after rescuing his 90-year-old owner. Baekgu is the first such dog to be formally recognized as a “rescue dog” by the nation, and it seems that he’s set a high bar.

At the end of last month, Baekgu and his 90-year-old owner went missing. She has dementia and was recorded by security cameras set up in her village in Hongseong county leaving one day with her dog. When the two never returned, police reviewed the footage and collaborated with the fire department and a few Hongseong county resident volunteers to seek her out.

According to CNN, the search took 40 hours until they found her, collapsed in a rice field and hidden from view. The reason she was able to survive in her compromised state was due to Baekgu, who reportedly stayed by his owners side and kept her warm. When her rescuers decided to use a thermal drone to spot her, they were led by the pup’s thermal signature to find and rescue the pair of them.

If Baekgu had ever left her side, it’s arguable that they would never have been found. And so, The National Fire Agency in South Korea awarded him the title of “rescue dog,” a distinction that had been introduced in 2020 and applied to citizens and dogs, though no dog had been awarded it until now.

The woman is since recovering in the hospital, but her daughter is thrilled that she was found and grateful for this distinguished pup to be a part of their family. Sometimes even just staying by your loved one’s side can work miracles.

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