Stray dogs near the city of Bangkok in Thailand are getting a small respite from the sun and rain, all thanks to a little ingenuity, sustainable attitude, and community spirit. Enter Stand for Strays, a new initiative in Pak Kret, a suburb of Bangkok, a concept that began with the solution to a pressing problem: how can the community provide comfort to its stray dogs?

In a story courtesy of Creapills we discovered the humble innovation which Stand for Strays brings to streets of Pak Kret. The brainchild of Ajarn Yossaphon Chanthongjeen, the concept was first born during his doctorate program at university, where he sought to both improve the city’s standing and provide additional safety to Pak Kret’s many stray dogs (reportedly over 300). It works like this: old billboards are recycled into foldable mounted tents, offering strays protection from the sun and rain, along with a food and water dish conveniently positioned for charitable passersby.

It was a pretty big hit – its Facebook group currently counts 10,300+ members – and countless photos of dogs utilizing these shelters make for great image shares on social media. The shelters themselves are not always propped up, either, and require volunteers to quickly unfold them when needed (and maybe give a pup a few bites to eat while they’re at it). While this aspect could be considered a fault, it also serves to create a connection between the residents of Pak Kret and their struggling stray community.

The dogs seem to love them, and it’s a fantastic use of billboards that would otherwise be destined for the trash. The Stand for Strays shelters also point the billboards inward, presenting simple instructions on their plain white front for people to unfold them and welcome their inhabitants. 

In addition to the shelters, Stand for Strays is developing further steps to its goals, and its website connects to other services, including sterilization and adoption efforts.

Stand for Strays Stand for Strays

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